Michael Arrington, Paul Graham, and Emotely

Tech Crunch Disrupt

Emotely was called up to talk to Paul Graham and Michael Arrington for 'Office Hours' at Techcrunch Disrupt. Unfortunately, we were not there to receive that advice...

‘Office Hours’ is a simulation (on stage) of the structured meetings Paul Graham has with all the Startup teams accepted into YCombinator.

We missed out because they don't notify you if you are accepted into the panel, and we had skipped going to Disrupt to save money. We only became aware of it when we started getting emails, mentions, and calls from early fans and supporters who recognized us.

Here's the video of Paul Graham calling up Emotely and Michael Arrington's related comments.

Partial transcript of the Office Hours talk:

Paul Graham:
“Francois Laberge of Emotely.”
Michael Arrington:
Paul Graham:
Michael Arrington:
“Oh, I like this one!”
Paul Graham:
“You do?”
“Is he here?”
Michael Arrington:
“…Not that I didn’t like the other ones, I just remember that Emotely was kind of cool!”
Paul Graham:
“Is Emotely here? No?”
Michael Arrington:
“That’s too bad, I was hoping to hear you give him advice.”
Paul Graham:
“Who’s in charge of this event?!”

Michael Arrington is the founder of Tech Crunch, one of the most influential Tech News site and Paul Graham is the founder of YCombinator Startup Program which has become the most successful of such programs in the United States and perhaps world.

It was unfortunate we couldn’t make it out to Techcrunch Disrupt in NYC. Talking to Paul and Michael would have been a great experience. This incident was later parlayed into many opportunities in news coverage, fundraising, and making partnerships. It's always about the story! :).

Check out the full Office Hours video here.

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