Principal Software Engineer - Brightcove

March 2013 - Present

Brightcove is the leading platform for working with online video. I work on building the next generation Player Management APIs. The tools and application code are developed in node.js, using many Amazon Web Services.

Chief Technology Officer - Brass Monkey

June 2011 - November 2013

Brass Monkey is an award winning gaming development platform that turns smart devices into controllers for browser based games. Brass Monkey also provides its own game portal and console experience where users can find Brass Monkey enabled games.

  • Built and maintained the HTML5 SDK, game console, and developer portal. Development was done using Node.js, AWS, and Backbone.js
  • Integrated our SDKs into 50+ games
  • Led the development of our SDKs for Flash, Unity, and C++
  • Managed the development and product design of our iOS and Android apps
  • Authored patent applications relating to mesh networking, virtual screen coordination, video/audio streaming, and more wifi/bluetooth communication related techniques
  • Assisted in securing seed funding and pitching Series A
  • Optimized our release cycle by developing deployment, monitoring, and testing protocols (automated and manual)
  • Headed up developer evangelism via speaking at game conferences, organizing game meetups, and entering/sponsoring hackathons

Founder - Emotely

October 2010 – May 2011

Developed an HTML5 based platform for turning mobile devices into controllers. Check out the early product video here. Emotely was acquired by Brass Monkey in 2011 (Techcrunch announcement).

Chief Technology Officer - 3 Birds Marketing

December 2009 – July 2010

3 Birds Marketing is an end to end marketing, sales, and inventory tracking web application initially focused on car dealerships. The software stack was .NET on the backend and a custom Javascript framework for the user-facing client.

  • Architected a solution that fully integrated email creation/sending, coupon/sales management, brand website generation, social media campaigns, and social media sentiment analysis
  • Integrated promotions, sales tracking, and customer management to bidirectionally sync with multiple complex Driver Management Systems
  • Developed an analytics dashboard that tracked the flow of user engagement across all campaign channels
  • Hired and managed the core team of developers, designers, and marketing staff
  • Evaluated and licensed large scale enterprise systems that brought us to market in less than a year

Game Development and Additional Experience

November 1999 – May 2006

Before diving into web and mobile development, I was a game developer for top companies such as Relic Entertainment, two time winner of PC game of the year for Homeworld and Company of Heroes; Rockstar, famous for the Grand Theft Auto series; and boutique studios such as Backbone Entertainment. My specialties were leading teams, game engine design, tool creation, graphics, physics, and A.I. programming.

Please see Linkedin for more details of my game and web development history.